Friday, December 14, 2007

WEB 2.0 - Is There Sick Search??

Currently, the demand on the Web becomes increasingly interesting. Any issues that we want to get information, will be easily located. Almost parallel to the amount of information obtained by this mechanism, the ideas emerge, and innovations are inevitable.

When we are sick, trying to ask the older people: How can I prevent? Or am I sick? Or what drugs should I take? All older people, like our parents, answer these questions. The culture to answer these questions, was old-fashioned:) Our generation, demand for such questions and answer Web!

How? Why? Prevention?

Innovate, MEDgle becomes the newest pharmacist online! With the objective to educate and provide information online, the MEDical GLobal Electronic computer generated search examines some of 6000 symptoms and diagnostic 2000 diseases. See MEDgle, enjoy!